Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Finally… I’ve got a good and fast internet connection first time in a last couple of weeks! At the moment I’m waiting for my flight in St.Petersburg Airport, travelling to Copenhagen-Nice today. Suppose to write something a long time ago, but exhausting end of season and difficult travelling doesn’t allow me ))) Perhaps my lazy nature prevented me even more.

Anyway, since Hawaii, where Orchestra are quite heroic – being unpaid for three months keep playing concerts (!) – I’ve been in Spain, Liverpool, Copenhagen, Tenerife, St.Petersburg. Summertime give some special edge to orchestras attitude for work, but I must say that all concerts were quite successful, Orchestra Tivoli in Copenhagen even played touché by the end of concert, and Tenerife got a very good crowd and great response. St.Petersburg Phil last night was also quite full and Russian premiere of Simfonia de Requiem by Montsalvatge, Catalan composer, was very well received instead of abstract nature of piece (which I think is a very good music!).

Now expecting a good sunshine in Monte-Carlo together with Russian programme, Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, and afterwards will do a concert in Paris with Radio France Orchestra (also Tchaikolvsky and Rachmaninov, but different pieces) on my way to Liverpool for White Nights concert and Viennese Ball.

Glad to read, that meeting with Michael went very well and you’ve enjoyed Friary. In current economy conditions it’ll be very challenging to get funding for improvement or new hall. Difficult, but not impossible and we will be looking for support in lots of places.

Oops, boarding!