Sunday, 31 January 2010


Overlooking the most famous estate advertisement in history, sunshine, +20 Celsius, bird’s singing, palms and orange trees... January? Paradise? Well, it might be a lot of different views on Los Angeles, but one is for sure – Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of the most spectacular buildings in the world. It’s great at day and at night and it has great interior, acoustic and facilities. And most important – it boosts a confidence and level of LA Phil and it’s sold out in a same night with Grammy ceremony, NFL, NHL and NBA games in the same city! So, it’s probably very vicious and dangerous city, but when I’m crossing the door of WDCH it’s a Dreamland (or Disneyland?). What about west coast of UK, apart from Millennium Centre?
I hope you’ve enjoyed last month concerts with NYO – Blackpool is a VERY quiet place in winter :), and a lot of respect to staffs and teens, who’s been working very hard in such a circumstances and played terrific concerts! Even more respects to Liverpoodlians visited my St.Petersburg’s concert in a middle of January, they’ve seen a real snow, not just miserable couple of inches with breakdown of the whole country )))
And, finally, to Mahler fans – Titan was very good, now so much looking forward to Resurrection and especially 3rd Symphony in May! In my point of view this edition is one of the most amazing projects of decade and unlikely you’ll have a chance to attend all symphonies in two seasons till middle of this century; so, grab a ticket or subscription!