Monday, 14 June 2010

East Sussex

Yesterday was a first performance of Macbeth in Glyndebourne, after a long and difficult rehearsing period! And a very good one, despite that some people found staging a bit disturbing...
Lewes and Glyndebourne are beautiful places, as well as Seaford, Newhaven and Hastings, white rocks, seaside with long beaches, a touch of history with fortresses and castles, active cultural live and plenty of traditions in everything. Brighton is also nearby, but in a good day it’s a feeling that half of the World suddenly came there! Glyndebourne itself surrounded by hills and fields, plenty of animals, birds and fantastic gardens on which a very large crew of gardeners works every day. It’s quite unusual to finish a rehearsal or performance, open the door and hear immediately sheep’s choir and solos!
Between rehearsals a while ago I had a very busy week with Brit Awards (very glamorous!), BBC Young Musician (fantastic teens! My best regards and congrats again to Lara, Callum and Emma, no doubts we will perform together many times in a future!), and Mahler 3 back in Liverpool (in a hot night, but another great step in Mahler Cycle in my point of view!!!). Now looking forward for Shostakovich 3 and 6 recordings, by the way, 3rd Symphony is very exciting but very difficult to play; it’ll be wise for members of RLPO to spend quite a lot of time for preparations. And of course, Shostakovich 5, Manfred, Simon with 2nd Rachmaninov concerto, Prom and 11 more Macbeths! Plus we need to rehears Parsifal for Spanish Tour... so, Summer is really intensive and busy.
There will be a few exciting days in St.Petersburg – hope for a good fishing there, but might be lack of time due to parents and friends, eagerly waiting for this week. Meanwhile, here in seaside, a mackerel is in full glory and good numbers, and quite a few of them migrated from the sea straight to my fridge!